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Brexit Stories

Brexit Stories - Business in Lambeth

The London borough of Lambeth is a hive of small and medium sized businesses - and local business owners have been sharing their thoughts with us on the impact of Brexit on their business, and how Brexit might affect their futures:

Pintadera_Cafe_Luisa_Bonora_small.jpg Bon Velo West Norwood

Pintadera Cafe

"Recruiting people is getting hard as young people may choose a destination other than the UK."

Bon Velo

Due to the post-Brexit ref fall in the pound: "Costs have already gone up so our margins are stretched"




"Being in the EU gives London a great advantage for fintech firms.  We're already starting to lose that advantage."

Restaurant & Cafe Bar

"impossible for us to keep our offering cheap and accessible to our customers."




Cul De Sac Coffee Shop

"I had to stop my wine and cheese supply as the wine coming from France has gone up in price so much since the Brexit vote.

The Book and Record Bar

"importing a record or book from a non-EU country adds duty, which is passed onto customers"

Stock restaurant creative commons


Restaurant, Vauxhall

"It's just a disaster for us and for our industry."



If you have a business that would tell us your Brexit story - please contact us here.

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