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Brexit Business Stories: Bon Velo

This is one of a series of Brexit stories from Lambeth businesses.  Lambeth For Europe have been collecting stories from local small and medium sized business owners on the impacts of Brexit on them: now and in the future.


Bon Velo

About us

We have bicycle shops and servicing centres - with great coffee -  in West Norwood and in Herne Hill.

Bon Velo Bike Store

"Costs have already gone up so our margins are stretched"

Our Brexit story

Costs have already gone up [due to the post-referendum fall in the pound] so our margins are stretched, as retail prices stay the same.


How Brexit might affect us

Brexit could affect us in a number of ways:

  • Price rises due to low value of the pound expected after Brexit
  • Internet sales may be able to offer lower prices from abroad
  • Availability of certain products uncertain after Brexit
  • Foreign staff – will they be allowed to stay?


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