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Brexit Business Stories: Book and Record Bar

This is one of a series of Brexit stories from Lambeth businesses.  Lambeth For Europe have been collecting stories from local small and medium sized business owners on the impacts of Brexit on them: now and in the future.


The Book and Record Bar

About us

We sell rare and new vinyl and books from our store and café on Norwood High Street, and our online mail-order store.

book and record bar - pic Patrick N

"I also expect higher import costs when we leave the EU"

How Brexit might affect us

We expect that postage costs on sales into EU countries will go up 10% plus there’ll be a 20% handling fee.

I  also expect higher import costs when we leave the EU: Importing a record or book costing over £14 from a non-EU country adds £20 in import duty and HMRC charges, which is passed onto customers.


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