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Brexit Business Stories: Pintadera Café

This is one of a series of Brexit stories from Lambeth businesses.  Lambeth For Europe have been collecting stories from local small and medium sized business owners on the impacts of Brexit on them: now and in the future.


Pintadera Café

About us

We’re a newly opened café in West Norwood, serving specialities from Italy. We import a good 90%
of our goods from abroad.

Pintadera Cafe West Norwood

"We were affected straight away after the Brexit referendum...lately, recruiting people is getting hard"

Our Brexit story

We were affected straight away after the Brexit referendum two years ago. Prices of food and drink we import from Italy increased, and it became difficult to find people to work here: people are leaving London.  And the uncertainty!

How Brexit might affect us

We are mainly affected by the ever growing price rise on every product imported, due to the fall in the pound. Lately, recruiting people is getting hard as young people may choose a destination other than the UK.


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